About the Firm

The Mooney Law Firm grew from years of practical experience in international trade, freight and logistics. Its founder, Neil Mooney, owned and operated one of the most successful customs brokerages, freight forwarders and non-vessel operating common carriers in Miami, Florida for 14 years prior to becoming a member of the bar. Over the years, the firm’s practice has grown, and it represents multinational corporations as well as individual clients.

To us, there is no “typical client.” We understand that clients in need of trade counsel have unique legal and business objectives that require specialized service. We work directly with our clients at every stage, explaining both the law and our legal services in a straightforward manner.

We represent clients on federal administrative matters such as those concerning the regulations of Customs and Border Protection, the Food and Drug Administration, the Federal Maritime Commission and export controls regardless of which port of entry is concerned or where the client is physically located. Browse the map below to view the nature of our past representation on federal matters arising in various states nationwide. Our years of experience have also resulted in our having close ties to reputable attorneys in affiliated law firms overseas in many countries such as China, Brazil and Mexico. If you have a legal issue or question concerning foreign law, but do not know where to turn, we can help.


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